I believe that beauty has infinite forms and that it should never be defined permanently. Beauty is like love, dangerous, but unavoidable. Both love and beauty are intoxicants that can create types of hierarchical madness in exposed individuals. This madness tries to define and limit beauty and to tie it’s existence to certain subjective situations.

Discussing beauty as being more than just a narcissistic fantasy, is often avoided by intellectuals. Perhaps creating bourgeois hierarchies, seems essential to ‘beauty’s’ true nature. It would surely be a tragedy to human experience and potential, to decide that only certain things or people should be loved or deemed beautiful. This considered desire to transcend superficial or limited ideas of beauty is honorable. This urge represents a new sense of beauty that is expressed in more than just the physical. It is a beautiful idea that avoids beauty, only in name. Perhaps the beautiful individual is one who truly believes and perceives everything as being beautiful.

Matthew Stone